Mutual Satisfaction

Since mid-August, I’ve personally managed the construction of one of our designs, requiring an early morning trek from Norfolk to VA Beach.  Each morning at 7:30 AM, I’m greeted by the owner.  Within minutes, a cup of coffee is set beside me.  

Recently, I asked if he was tired of seeing me.  No, he replied with incredulity, quite the contrary.  I’m smart enough to understand that you’re working for me, delivering what you designed and contractually promised.  I enjoy talking to the trades you selected.  I also enjoy walking through the project at each day’s end, viewing what you accomplished, excited to enjoy what you created for me.

I thanked him, and asked:  Are you going to miss me when the project ends?  You’re not going anywhere he replied.  You’re going to design my kitchen, renovate my first floor, decorate my interior and design a master landscape plan for me.  I also need help with my commercial properties.

For a designer, there is no greater joy than having a client that appreciates good design and understands the time, patience and complexity required to affect its conclusion.