New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home in 2015

Every year we resolve to change or better ourselves.  Have you considered the same for your home?  Here’s our favorite five home resolutions for 2015.

1.  Declutter - January is the perfect time to start decluttering.  Along with putting away the holiday decorations, put away the extra things that are lying around on surfaces and shelves and evaluate your furnishings.  What’s truly needed and what’s not?  Don’t hesitate to donate, consign or toss unneeded items.  For items that must stay, find a place for them.  Remember the saying, “Everything has a place and everything in its place”.   Do a room at a time, and it won’t be overwhelming.

2.   Repair - Sometimes things that are not causing a problem tend to get ignored but then buildup to large problems.  This year, resolve to fix the small repairs as you find them.  Leaks, drywall and paint touch up, loose or broken door and cabinet handles are easy and inexpensive DIY projects.

3.  Safety - Remember to clean out fireplaces, replace air filters, check smoke detectors, add carbon monoxide detectors, check for radon, and remove dryer lint.  If your home was built pre-1978, also consider testing for lead and asbestos.

4.  Change - As our families grow and change so do our homes.  Simple, quick and easy changes such as painting an accent color, changing the lighting, and rearranging can transform a room!

5.  Energize - Everyone likes to save money on utility bills, right?  Remember your parent’s advice and turn off the lights when leaving a room.  Change bulbs to compact fluorescent or update fixtures to LED.  Replacing 3 gpf with 1.6 gpf or dual flush toilets, change faucets to low flow, and update appliances to energy star certified.

So what’s your resolution?