7 Bathroom Design Trends Set to Explode in 2015

  1. Minimalism:  Ornate fixtures and gaudy trim have fallen out of favor.
  2. Dark Tiles:  Another hot trend is a move towards darker surfaces.
  3. LED Lighting:  The beauty of LED lamps is their ability to deliver a variety of color     temperatures and intensities. 
  4. Walk-in Showers:  Though they've always been popular, walk-in showers are on the rise once again.
  5. igh-Tech Faucets:  One of the best ways to spice up a bathroom without doing any serious demolition is installation high-tech smart faucets.
  6. Heated Floors:  While more complicated than installing a standalone tub, installed heated floors is an amazing upgrade worth considering.
  7. Trendiness Can Be Evergreen:  If you don't want a bathroom to look dated within a decade, putting serious thought into your selections is critical.

Source:  GroundReport