Customized Furniture Design becomes the Preferred Choice of Interior Designers

Every home and property owner wants a house that is uniquely designed to serve individual needs. Run of the mill designs do not add the desired exclusivity to the home and office interiors. This is the reason why interior design as an industry is booming. Interior designers are increasingly choosing to customize furniture design pieces to suit the kind of interiors they design.

Not using the tried and tested, run of mill designs means convincing clients about the look, mechanism and workability of the new design. How do designers achieve this? - Via furniture design 3D modeling and rendering services.

Expert 3D modelers and renderers can replicate the exact design, finish, materials and the texture of a furniture piece. Such evolved is this art, that if you look at a well rendered image of a furniture design, it is difficult to tell a rendered 3D model from a photograph.

Whatever style a designer chooses, minimalistic, rugged, well engineered ergonomic furniture design, quirky style, bohemian designs or highly opulent furniture with royal finishes and rich furnishings, it can be modeled and rendered for a very realistic look. Interior designers prefer to use 3D house models, and place all the décor items, furniture pieces, tapestry etc into these models and prepare high resolution photorealistically rendered interiors for client presentations.

Source:  Archinect