10 home design trends to ditch in 2015

1.  Kitchen desk.  Replace it with:  Counter space you will actually use, and more kitchen storage underneath.

2.  Putting a TV in a child's room.  Replace it with: A play space, bookshelf or something that will spark kids' imaginations.

3.  Chevron prints.  Replace it with: Solid-colored, textured fabrics or pieced animal hide.

4.  Whirlpool bathtubs.  Replace it with: A shower with more space, a seat, shelves for bath products and a rainwater showerhead.

5.  Naked Windows.  Replace it with: Shades or simple panels that can leave the windowpane open or provide privacy.

6.  Mirrored furnishings.  Replace it with: A mix of wooden and metal furniture that is complementary without completely matching.

7.  Over-the-range microwave.  Replace it with: A microwave drawer installed underneath the counter top.

8.  Tiled counters.  Replace it with: A quartz slab.

9.  Brass hardware.  Replace it with: Brushed or satin nickel hardware.

10. "Faux" finishes.  Replace it with: A solid coat of paint.

CBS Moneywatch