7 Ways to Enhance Indoor Environments with Biophilic Design

First made popular by scholar Edward O. Wilson in the 1980’s, biophilia is the urge for humans to affiliate with other life. More recently, the biophilia hypothesis has been directly incorporated in architecture and interior design, improving the performance and well-being of people occupying indoor spaces. Biophilic design improves both physiological and psychological health, which is especially important as people spend an average of 90% of the day indoors.  

Here are seven interesting facts about biophilia and biophiliac design:

  1. Biophilic design creates healthy, happy work environments.
  2. Biophilia is not just about plants.
  3. Light is part of our rhythm.
  4. Our minds and bodies appreciate the presence of water.
  5. We can feel nature in the air.
  6. Appealing to multiple senses makes more sense.
  7. Faking nature has some payback, too.

Source: EcoBuilding Pulse