Leonardo Da Vinci: “A drop is something that does not detach itself from the rest of the mass of water unless the force of its weight is greater than the force of cohesion bonding it with the rest of the water.”

Today, water is not only a precious good, but needs to be perfectly staged in personal comfort zones. So it flows, and rushes, and burbles, rains and splashes and swirls in the basins, showers and tubs. Nowhere else can you see this better than at the ISH - "the world's leading fair for The Bathroom Experience, Building, Energy, Air-conditioning Technology, Renewable Energies."

Water has long since ceased to flow from simple faucets into just as simple basins. The focus today is on control and the right mix of the elements of air and water. Each mixer now has its own particular jet. And there are specialists who develop it and make sure it is still sparing with the precious wet medium. We learn that the word with the marvelous ring to it – “Perlator” –not just runs so sweetly off the tongue, but is also a patented brand of the Neoperl group, which manufactures the water jet controls (also referred to as mixer nozzles or aerators) that are basically to be found in all mixer outlets on washstands and bathtubs and which perform a number of tasks. They produce a soft, non-splashing stream, define its shape, reduce water and energy costs, and meet the various norms, regulations and laws. This time, Neoperl’s novelty is an “Aerator”, another great word, its “Spray ITR” (= In The Rain) which boasts silicon burls from which individual drops descend in a soft stream, and the “Shorty” aerator line, which is a mere 11,7 mm deep and no longer juts out from the head of the respective mixer.

Photo & Story © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark