AIA Survey Reveals What's Trending in Kitchen and Bath Design

The American Institute of Architects released the latest Home Design Trends Survey, which polls residential architects on what is increasing and decreasing in popularity in the industry. The most recent survey focuses on trends in kitchen and bathroom design.

For kitchens, LED lighting remains the most popular feature, and increased one percentage point in popularity from last year. The kitchen feature with the biggest jump in popularity was computer areas and recharging stations. Many respondents noted the revival of kitchen as the 'hearth' of the home in the traditional sense: for family gathering, for entertaining, for daily activities.

In bath design, LED lighting also reigned as the most popular feature, followed by doorless showers. Adaptability and universal design was nearly twice as popular in bathroom design as in kitchen design.

Additions and alterations and kitchen and bath remodeling remained the most popular construction segments, although both decreased in popularity over last year.