The Hive Pulses and Glows at the 2015 World Expo in Milan

The Hive pavilion explores bee-colony life through an immersive sensory experience.  It is intended to raise awareness of new research and technology and to address challenges, such as food security and biodiversity, by drawing parallels between human societies and bee ecology.

The delicate, ethereal structure is constructed of a 46-foot-tall aluminum lattice–based on an abstracted analogue of a honeycomb–surrounding a spherical void.

The Hive pulses, buzzes, and glows according to live-streamed signals from an actual beehive.  Vibration sensors measure the activity of a real bee colony in the U.K.  That information is fed via real-time signals to an LED array in the The Hive, where algorithms translate those vibrations into a lighting pattern.  The Hive visually reacts using acrylic rods to conduct light from the LED's into hand-blown glass bulbs that refract and diffuse light.