Experiential Retail

Does a store need to function as one?  Or is it more like a showroom, a place to absorb and connect with the brand and products?  To browse, learn, engage, and then shop?  The new currency is not buying the product, but the brand.  For Sephora, UXUS designed the Beauty T.I.P. (teach, inspire, and play) store where education and inspiration are part of the intricate consumer journey.

It goes beyond the expectations and disrupting into an in-between world of entertainment and education and establishing a ritual around it that's fun and differentiating.  There's a playful, new way of looking at products specifically customized to the consumer.  The transaction, the actual value, happens when these things are snapped, shared, and put on social media.  The investment now happens physically in the store–not the huge advertising budgets they used to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on.

George Anthony Gottl, UXUS