To Be or Not to Be a Minimalist

Overwhelmed with clutter, we all seek to simplify our lives.  And what better place to begin than in our homes.  I’m drawn personally to the super-edited spaces of minimalist design.  With an emphasis on simplicity and an abbreviated palette, I become more focused and less stressed.      

Correspondingly, our firm is experiencing more and more clients drawn to this uncluttered aesthetic.  In the image, we convey the minimalist experience through the reduction of parts, details, and joinery to a stage where nothing can be removed to improve the design.  The simple detailing, sleek fixtures, neutral colors, and natural light allows one to focus on the view.

You may think that simply equates to less cost, but I can assure you this is not true.  Through design, estimating, and project management, I’ve discovered that the minimalist look comes at a premium.       

Aside, Minimalism is becoming so popular; there's a club helmed by Joshua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus that boasts four million readers.  To be a member, one must live with less than 100 things that fit in a backpack.  Could you? I couldn’t.