Our Thoughts on Design and Construction Week

Smart, integrated, space-saving, well-thought, and automated.  These are just some of the adjectives we'd use to describe the offerings at last week's Design and Construction show.

Hundreds of vendors from the Americas, Asia, Canada, and Europe displayed their product lines.  Sadly, many of the foreign firms were small and lacked the funds to have their products tested and evaluated.  One small Spanish vendor, displaying the sleekest of vanities and modern faucets remarked:  It takes millions of dollars.

Sleek and integrated appliances made it hard to discern cabinetry from appliances.  For performance, the new convection steamer ovens can cook a frozen turkey to perfection fifteen times faster than a conventional oven.  Bluetooth enabled, appliance performance can now be controlled from your mobile or desktop anywhere.

Consumer demand for Modern and Contemporary prevailed, edging out Transitional, which was reduced to the word "preppy."  Colonial was non-existent.

Water jet cutters and computer numerically control (CNC) machines can now cut or etch the most intricate patterns and textures into most surfaces.  And additive manufacturing (3D printing) was used to create an eye-catching mesh faucet of delicate latticework, requiring a second glance to trace the water's path.

Back in our design studio, we're re-calibrating our vision and updating our resource library so we can introduce the new products and technologies to our clients, for fresh, new looks.