High School Technical Training Program (HSTTP)

As our high schools are being stripped of industrial technical training, the International Code Council (ICC) is stepping in to fulfill a vital need through their flexible educational program.  Divided into four parts, the program includes: building, plumbing, HVAC (mechanical) and electrical. This structure enables a Technical School to integrate one or more parts of the program into its current construction trade curricula to better provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of building trades. Students completing all elements of a section, including a final exam, will receive a nationally-recognized Certificate of Achievement (COA) from ICC. The program includes the necessary course materials, exams and certificates to ensure smooth implementation.

Predictions indicate 2016 will be a strong year for the construction industry, with most industry experts predicting 5-6 percent growth, and the value of construction starts nearing $712 billion. Some of the factors that are expected to influence the rate of growth range from new technology trends to workforce concerns, to home buyer preferences — but one common prediction dominates: 2016 will bring high demand and booming business. 

The lack of skilled trades is troubling. Our country can not rely solely on immigration to fulfill demand.  Rather, we need to encourage our youth to pursue careers in the building trades. Jobs in construction often pay far better than the hospitality and service sectors.  For example, annual journeyman salaries range from $53K for a commercial electrician to $74K for a construction manager.   

It wasn't so long ago that we revered our craftsman, and viewed intellectuals as lazy.  Great satisfaction comes from building something that you can see, touch, and experience as opposed to a life of data processing.