A Designer Is Only as Good as Their Resources.

To affect a particular vision, the designer must find a product that produces the desired effect.  Resources, therefore, are of paramount importance.  

Our firm spends thousands annually on professional publications and material libraries.  Always searching for that single product or finish is a time-consuming endeavor, but in the end, so worthwhile.  For example, our vision for a focal point was a glistening wall surface, quickly suggested in the concept rendering via a fine tip white paint marker.  The staccato points piqued the client’s interest, and the concept was green-lighted.    

To avoid the cost of a fiber optic installation, we searched and searched, discovering a panel with a revolutionary material that transformed a single energy efficienct LED light source into an entire surface emitting thousands of points of light that appear to float.  

The panels not only allow the creation of ever changing “walls” of light, whose color can be effortlessly renewed, they also extend the usability of intense LED point sources by effortlessly radiating their brightness and allowing one to build with light.