Miele: Revolutionizing Cooking

Recently, Miele announced not only a new product but also a possible new way of cooking at an unveiling in Berlin, introducing the new Dialog Oven.  The appliance looks like a conventional Miele oven, complete with a touchscreen and a sleek appearance. The Miele team demonstrated how different the Dialog Oven is by cooking a piece of raw codfish inside of a block of ice.

This method of cooking is possible with electromagnetic waves.  Dr. Axel Kniehl, executive director of marketing and sales for Miele, explained that this science had an unusual inspiration.  “We saw an idea in the basic technology used in organ transplant,” said Kniehl. “Regeneration has to be done there in a very cautious, even way, and we thought there might be something in that we could use outside of the medical field.”

Like in the medical version, the Dialog Oven features a modular unit that generates electromagnetic waves in a specific frequency range and distributes these in the oven with two antennas.  As the molecules in different foods are arranged in different ways and even rearrange during cooking, the technology provides the Dialog Oven with feedback on the amount of energy absorbed by food, and the oven targets the right foods and responds.  This is how different foods are detected and cooked accurately.

Another advantage of the oven is that food is cooked volumetrically; a filet of meat is cooked uniformly from the edges right to the center. In a conventional oven, this is much more difficult since heat travels from the outside in.  In the Dialog Oven, electromagnetic waves ensure the food is cooked from the inside out.

Since cooking with electromagnetic waves does not brown the surfaces of food, bread can be baked entirely without a crust. For a classic loaf of bread and the roasted aromas of meat, the oven technology always combines with radiant heat. Also, the oven features Miele’s flagship cooking products, including a user-friendly M Touch display. Elegant and uniform illumination on all levels is guaranteed by high-quality LED lighting.

When the oven first launches in 2018 in Germany and Austria, users will find several other convenient, high-tech features.