Yet Another Divider Solution

Often, in an open setting, the need arises to separate one space from another.  We have an entire section in our resource library devoted to what we call "dividers."  

From woven wire cloth to translucent or laser cut panels, the choices are many.  Just when we think we have exhausted all options, a new product is introduced, adding another design tool to our toolbox.    

In our constant search to discover the perfect solution, we found this linear pendant fixture.  Formed by transparent alternating glass elements, the assembly allows for infinite designs.  And for larger spaces, the units can be combined.  

The wiring is hidden in the globe's shaded area to conceal the light source.  LED spot lights, embedded in the ceiling canopy, illuminate the assembly from above.

We just love the fixture's interstice, for a deconstructed view of the adjacent space's furnishings, accessories, and art.