Kitchen on the Cheap!

JRML was just commissioned to provide design and construction management for the Lambert’s Point Market renovation, a 100-year building anchoring the corners of Parker Ave and 40th Street in Norfolk, Virginia.  The site is adjacent to Old Dominion University’s campus.   Additional tasks include market analysis, regulatory, permitting, and study of student interaction within the built environment.

Our feasibility and structural analysis revealed 12-inch thick brick exterior walls, timber and steel beams, brick interior walls, high ceilings and windows, and an old safe.  The site also has a large side yard for off-street parking – a coveted asset.

Engaged in off-campus housing rentals to college students, the client requested a unique design but stressed cost efficiency.  We responded with an industrial style focused on durability, privacy, acoustics, energy efficiency, and security to allay parental concerns.

Our kitchen rendering illustrates restaurant grade stainless steel prep, sink table, and shelving for the cabinetry; a plastic laminate bar top; a recycled gym locker for the pantry; and standard appliances.  A focal point of glittering acrylic cast plastic resin completes the bar front.  

Total kitchen cost: $6,838.00!  A big impact at a small cost.