Casita Living

Our second project in Mexico resides in Los Barriles, located in the Baja California Sur. The Garage/Casita, situated on a hill, overlooks the beautiful Sea of Cortez and hillside views.

Mitigating the intense sun, heat, dust, unreliable electricity, and lack of sewer and water required much thought and planning. Deep overhangs, louver screens, Earth-block walls, and tinted glass reduce the home’s cooling load, while ductless mini-split systems enable zoned conditioning. Three buried cisterns supply the home’s potable and gray water needs. And for energy production, rooftop-mounted photovoltaic arrays are concealed behind a Corten steel perforated screen.

Aside from expanding outdoor living, the ample balconies also facilitate glass cleaning and shade the ground floor walls and windows. We incorporated the desert site's colorful flora, and multi-colored rocks in our color palette, grounding the home to its location.

As built, the design affords affluent expats the ability to store water toys and off-road vehicles in a spacious garage while providing an open first-floor plan and ample outdoor living. The compact footprint and modern exterior is a paradigm that is quickly catching on.