The Surprising Versatility of Stainless Steel

Few building materials can match the aesthetic and structural qualities of stainless steel. Consider the Chrysler Building, for example. The stainless steel roof finial of the Art Deco masterpiece is still going strong after nearly 90 years. 

More recently, the material is enjoying a design renaissance as architects and designers apply its sleek aesthetic to light masks and masts, sunscreens, fencing, bollards, benches, railing infill, façade accents, air grilles, tree grates, entrance mats, and many other building components. 

Why the surge of interest?

A good person to ask is Wade Brown, sales manager and product expert at Construction Specialties, a manufacturer of architectural building products with a 70-year legacy of offering a variety of aluminum and stainless steel product applications. The scale and customized application of stainless steel’s rebirth fascinates him.

“Stainless steel as a design accent for façades, landscaping, and building interiors has exploded in the last five to six years. Architects now specify stainless steel in customized ways we’ve never seen before,” Brown says.

Why the transformation? “Stainless steel has a modern, clean, and monolithic aesthetic,” Brown says. “It’s also durable, requiring little to no maintenance, and it’s recyclable.”

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